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Our reputation as a top Hobart tree company and tree service is based on our dedication to the customer’s care we provide. We appreciate the joy and beauty trees can bring into your home. However, we also understand how they can cause stress and headaches. You can enjoy your garden and trees in a stress-free manner with our expert services.

Trees can have a tremendous impact on your home or garden because of their size and stature. This can be beneficial, providing shade, year-round interest and structure to your garden. However, they can have a negative effect on your home. They can fall branches and trees can pose a danger to your family. We look to Baloo for inspiration. We try to emphasize the positives and eliminate any negatives in your jungle.

It will amaze you how much cleaner a well-trimmed canopy looks and how bright the sunlight can shine through your garden after tree-trimming or clearing. An improved curb appeal can boost the value of your house and make you the envy among the neighbours. We are confident that you will enjoy our services. We guarantee that you will be amazed at both the results and the cost. Our team is ready to help in Hobart and Southern Tasmania surrounds whether you need to remove orchard obstructions or keep your garden stocked with tasty treats. Tree Removal in Southern Tasmania provides a range of tree services such as tree surgery, trimming and pruning, as well general tree services.

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Who We Are?

We are Southern Tasmania’s Favourite Tree service Pros  A team of dedicated professionals who are committed to helping everyone have happy and healthy gardens. Although we might not be your typical tree-huggers or arborists, we will be sure to give your soon-to be removed trunk a warm pat before we move on. We are experts in all aspects tree care, including removal and trimming as well as pruning. Our professional and friendly team has years of experience. This allows you to be sure that you are receiving the best service at an affordable price. Our commitment to safety, customer care, and satisfaction is unparalleled. This gives you the peace of your mind you deserve.


Best Services



We are able offer cost-effective solutions that address all of your arboricultural concerns. Our extensive experience will allow us to recommend the best choice for your garden and home. All aspects of tree maintenance and removal are offered at competitive prices without hidden charges. This allows for you to get the work done at a reasonable price.


Our dedicated team wants you to be satisfied with the results. Our tree trimming will produce healthy, well-shaped trees. You can choose trunk or stump removal and you will have the entire area cleared and tidied. Now you just need to choose what to replace the stump with.



There should not be any concern about your safety or the safety of your family. We can help you make an informed decision about the dangers your tree poses, and we’ll explain them to you. We can also provide emergency assistance if you feel that your tree could be in danger. Tree removal can be dangerous but our skilled teams will work safely to your satisfaction.

Tree Removal

Our professional tree lopping services can help you to remove any troublesome tree from your property. We can arrange for an arborist to help you.


Stump Removing

Tree stumps look ugly and can get in your way of enjoying your garden. Because of our many years of experience, there are several options that can be used to remove unwanted tree stumps.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming helps to keep treasured trees in control. Regular trimming will ensure that your canopies remain at an appropriate size for your garden so that you can enjoy them every year.


Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the act of trimming off dead, diseased or unattractive parts of your tree in order to maintain healthy growth. Regular pruning will keep your trees healthy and vigorous without reducing the height or breadth.

Arborist Services

Our professional tree lopping services can help you to remove any troublesome tree from your propOur range includes everything you need in arboriculture, such as cabling, bracing, pest management (which can overwhelm even most gums and cypress), safety reporting, and other services.
erty. We can arrange for an arborist to help you.


Protect Your #1 Most Valuable Property

Your most valuable asset, your home and surrounding plants and trees, is your home. Trees can add shade and interest to your home. But they have to be kept in check. There are many tree services available that will help you choose the best for your situation.





Our staff is always available to help with any questions that you might have regarding tree care or maintenance.



Our professional teams work quickly, carefully and with great attention to detail to make sure all work is completed on-time and to the highest quality. We pride ourselves in leaving your garden looking tidy and ready for you.



We want you to enjoy your garden. To that end, we are always available to answer your questions and offer additional care. It’s easy to relax knowing that experts are only one phone call away.


Tree Experts

There are many terms that can be used to describe the work of professional people like arborists, tree surgeons or fellers. Arboriculture specialists are able to safely perform a wide variety of tree care tasks like tree removal, lopping and felling, trimming the crown, pruning, thinning, canopy raising, crown reduction, and general arborist duties in a professional manner.

We are experienced and qualified in working with a wide variety species.

We love our work.

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Southern Tasmania Tree Servive use only the  top quality products to ensure that all projects are completed to the best possible standards.

We are Always available for call anytime to discuss your future needs! 

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