Chipping And Mulching Service

Chipping And Mulching Service

Mulching is a low-cost and effective way to maintain your garden. Our professional mulching services provide full support. Our professional mulching service can help with all parts of the process. We source green waste from the landfill, reduce it through an industrial woodchipper and apply it in your garden for a uniform and clean covering. Our franchises are fully trained and equipped to offer any mulching or woodchipping services you may need.

Our number of satisfied and returning customers keeps growing each year. We work hard to provide the best tree services at the lowest prices. Our experienced arborists possess the best industry tools, training and qualifications. You can rest assured that all our jobs will be covered by an insurance policy. Contact us if you are new to mulching to get advice from a professional about how to improve your home or garden. You don’t have to accept any obligation if you contact our company. Get in touch today to receive a quote.


Mulching is a great way to get your hands dirty.

Mulching deserves more recognition because of the numerous benefits it can bring to your gardens and local ecosystems. Mulching helps preserve the soil conditions of your trees and plants. It also makes it possible to dispose of excess branches from common arborist visits. This eliminates the problem of garden debris such as leaves and sticks. You can easily turn the piles into new, organic mulch with a quick call to Southern Tasmania Tree Service. We process them using our chipper.

A high-quality mulch can promote healthy plant growth. This can be achieved by many factors. The mulch acts as a temperature regulator protecting roots and soil against the extremes of the Australian climate. The mulch helps to ensure that your garden thrives by protecting it from drastic temperature fluctuations. If the soil is too hot, it can dry out and become dehydrated. Mulch acts to protect the soil and encourage plants to thrive.

These benefits are enough to justify mulching. Mulch can be used to stop the growth and spread unwanted weeds. Due to their ability to grow quickly under a variety conditions, weeds can create headaches. If your garden gets too much sun, it can cause damage to the plants and increase weed growth. It is essential to maintain the garden’s condition by using high-quality mulch. This will help reduce the likelihood of weeds growing.

High Quality, Local and Organic

Mulch is an umbrella term that covers any material that is used as a soil cover. Mulch can be made from different materials. There are many kinds of mulch. The best type is made of wood chips. Our guys are capable of wood chipping the parts of trees to create the perfect mulch for your garden. Our product is great for your garden beds because we only use organic, high-quality material. Our product can deliver outstanding results, even though pre-packaged mulch is available from landscaping businesses. This ensures the product fits perfectly in your garden.

Our Mulching process

Our tree services provide a continuous supply of high-quality green debris that can be used to protect your garden beds. Each team of arborists serves the local community with tree removals, hedge trimming, branch lopping, and street tree pruning. This work creates more tree and plant material that can be used for mulching and repairing gardens. Our process is efficient and quick. After each job, our team will remove all extra material and feed it through our powerful wood chopper. Once the wood has been processed, you can either spread it on your property or take it with you.

Our Word Chipping Process

Wood chipping allows us to recycle green waste from trimming, lopping, and removing tree branches. Some customers prefer to prune their trees themselves or have green waste they would like to be removed. As a green waste solution, we offer wood cutting as an eco-friendly and efficient option. Wood chipping takes less time than transporting green waste at the tip. For large piles of wood and green waste (which may include trimmings, offcuts, and small trees) it takes approximately an hour for a team of two to three crew members to woodchip the entire pile. The team will work together in breaking down the pile, using a saw and forks to get rid of the branches.

Mulching and Chipping Services FAQs

A high-quality, fresh mulch is the best option to keep soil moist. The better, the fresher. Mulch from a nearby area can yield the best results. For this service, we recommend covering your garden beds with mulch from nearby work sites.

Our mulching services get high marks from our clients as they can help you get the most out of your garden. Although each garden is unique, the best results are achieved by maintaining a consistent temperature level and moisture.

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