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Council Tree Works

Tree Surgeons throughout the community play an important role in council work. Tree Surgeons use their tools, training and qualifications to reduce tree risks in your neighborhood. Council Works can be in many forms. However, they are often involved in the removal or pruning trees near power lines. In addition to important cleanup work after storms, arborists also perform these tasks.

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Things to know!


Council Vegetation

This includes any vegetation that is located on land owned or controlled by the council. This includes trees in public areas, such as parks and streets.


Waterway and Wetland Vegetation

This law makes protected vegetation of all vegetation found within areas designated as waterways, wetlands, and other natural features. This vegetation is important to the ecosystem. You will almost always need to obtain a permit for pruning or removing it.


Significant Urban Vegetation

This category covers trees that are exotic or native, on private land, and generally mature, and therefore important to the landscape, history, and culture of the surrounding area. Some trees within this category will be designated as’significant landscape tree’. These trees will require specific permits.


Significant Native Vegetation

Any area designated by the council as Significant Native Vegetation will protect all native vegetation within that area. Many native species are unique in Australia’s ecosystems. Therefore, it is vital that these areas are protected for both fauna as well native flora. For any kind of pruning or removal of important native vegetation, a permit must be obtained from the council.


If you aren't sure if your application is approved or rejected, give us a shout.

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