Tree Felling

Tree Felling

We specialize in safe, affordable and fast tree felling for your business or home. Through a network of highly qualified arborists, we make sure that trees and residents are both healthy. Our tree service professionals can handle any job. Our tree loppers have the best equipment and machinery in the industry and can quickly and safely remove large trees and trees that are difficult to reach.

We work hard to ensure that you have the best possible customer service experience. Each year, we have more happy customers returning to us. Our business is not just about trees, but about people. Because of this, we have many more options to reach us. You can reach out to us 24/7 via our online contact form. You can also call our customer service department at 131 546 7 days a săptămână to discuss any of our tree-related services.



Safe Tree Felling

There are many reasons to have a tree taken down or removed from your property. It is important to assess the safety of your tree. The tree’s structural integrity slowly deteriorates as it ages. As a result, the tree’s stability and safety are compromised. By allowing the tree to fall or to drop branches, it becomes a safety hazard for you, your home, and the entire community. You should note that the age of your tree can not be the only cause of structural deterioration. There are other factors that could contribute to the structural deterioration of your tree, such as disease, damage or improper care. It is vital that you get the help of an arborist immediately if your tree begins to decline.


Sustainable Tree Felling

Safety is of paramount importance, but it’s not the only reason to take down a tree. Tree removal is part maintaining a healthy environment. Trees that have begun to fall in health can cause a loss of valuable resources. The tree will deteriorate and divert the nutrients and water from the soil towards the dying one. Tree felling promotes a healthy ecosystem.

Stump Grinding Service:
Tree Felling

Due to their expanding root system, trees can pose a problem for homeowners as well as residents. Tree roots will seek out resources in the soil and can interfere with pipes, plumbing systems or pavements. Cracks in gardens and walls are signs that a root system is growing out of control. You will get the best results if you also remove the stump to eliminate the root system. We’ll be discussing how to ensure safe, thorough and effective tree and stump removal.


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Our Tree Felling Process
Tree removal is the act of removing a tree and cutting it down. We do much more than this. Tree removal is all that we do. It includes the free consultation, the final cleanup, and the transportation of any green waste. This includes stump grinding, which is used to remove problematic root systems and stumps.

Step 1 – Obligation-free quotation
You can reach us by filling out our online request form or calling our number. We’ll try to provide you with a quote within 24hrs. All our tree services include a free quote and there is no obligation to purchase. This allows us the opportunity to discuss tree felling costs with you before making a decision. Once you have accepted our quote, we aim for completion of the work within a week.

Step 2 – On-site safety inspection
Our crews arrive to all jobs on time, in uniform with the correct tools, and ready, willing, and able to get to work. In order to properly prepare for the task of felling a tree, it is important that you conduct an on-site safety inspection. This allows us to assess the site and determine the best method of removing the tree. It also helps to identify potential hazards. These hazards include traffic, power lines and restricted access.

Step 3 – Tree Climbing
Once the crew has assessed the site and established a safe strategy to remove it, they go to work. On large trees, we usually use a crew that includes a climber, a second climber, and ground workers. The climber will bring two ropes to help lower the branches and one for climbing. Depending on what kind of tree they are climbing, they will bring a couple of tools. The climber will then move up the tree and to the top where the dismembering will begin.

Step 4 – Tree Lopping
Before you can safely cut down the tree it is necessary to first remove any large branches or tops. This is to prevent potential damage to the surroundings that may result from the felling process. As the climber moves through the tree, they will lop large trees and attach them with the rope so that they can be lowered to ground crew. Climbers work at the top of the tree, removing branches and pieces from the trunk. Then they use their chainsaw to dismember the tree.

Step 5 – Felling
The actual tree size and environment will influence the method of felling. The crew will make a cutting operation on the tree once all the major branches have been removed. Our crews make sure that they assess the area, the tree size, wind direction, as well as any other potential hazards to the tree before making any tree felling cuts.

Step 6 – Wood Chipping
The team will use a saw to trim the tree into small and medium-sized sections. They can also use the woodchipper to chop the pieces into new wood chip mulch that can then be used for other garden services.

Step 7 – Stump Grinder
Arborists often advise that you remove the stump after you have cut down a tree. This will help prevent any future problems. The combined cost of stump grinding and felling is cheaper than any one of them individually. An industrial stump grinding machine is the key piece of equipment. This machine will lower the stump to the ground, killing any root system, and freeing space on your property.

Step 8: Green waste disposal
We believe that fair prices and quality services should include the transportation and disposal any green waste generated by our activities such as stump grinding, cutting, and wood chipping. If you have green waste to dispose of, we can offer this service as a standalone service. You can contact our team by phone or online to inquire about the prices of this service.

Step 9 – Make sure your location is clean
Other tree services and arborists only leave after the tree is removed. We strive to provide the best service from start-to-finish. We offer a comprehensive cleaning service to ensure your property remains beautiful.

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