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It is risky to remove trees in an emergency because the tree and building are often unstable.
Trust Our Tree Service team to solve it safely and quickly


How to Reduce Storm Damage to Trees

It is important to conduct a thorough health assessment on your trees in order to find and correct any structural problems. This could help prevent damage from occurring during storms. Untrained eyes may think trees are healthy. However, this is not the case. This is something you do not want to discover during a storm. There are several things that you can do to ensure your trees don’t get damaged or destroyed by storms or heavy winds. These are:


Identify And Fix Any Weaknesses Or Defects


It is best to leave emergency tree work to the professionals. We have the skills and equipment necessary to handle any emergency.

Mother Nature can sometimes unleash her fury, and trees often suffer damage or complete destruction. Since the beginning of trading, we have witnessed firsthand the destruction caused by storms and the resulting damages to trees and buildings. We have observed that trees with defects are the most susceptible to severe weather or other natural emergencies.

This is not a case of emergency tree removal. It is managing the tree and possibly removing it to avoid an emergency.

Normal weather conditions are good for trees, as they don’t have to be subjected too much wind load. They become unsteady when they are exposed to wind and rain, which adds weight and wind. Storm damage should be handled with care, as both the tree and the structure may be damaged. Storm damage removal requires experience and the right equipment. This will prevent further damage to trees and structures. Sometimes, even perfectly healthy trees are struck by lightning. This can lead to the death of the tree because the energy passing through the tree during the strike destroys the cambium layer.


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