Tree Pruning


What is tree cutting?

Pruning a tree is an important service. It involves many elements such as trimming, shaping or cutting back trees, weight reduction, weight distribution, and weight reduction. Pruning ensures that trees are healthy. Pruning helps remove dead branches and foliage to get rid of any excess weight. This opens up the possibility of new growth.

Why prune trees?

Pruning, in addition to increasing the tree’s health and life expectancy, is also an effective method of mitigating risks. Pruning keeps trees balanced by taking out excess branches. This technique of evenly distributing weight throughout the tree greatly reduces the risk of a branch snapping and/or a storm bringing down the entire tree.


Our Process

For trees to look good, healthy and safe, they need to be regularly pruned. Some trees like hedges may require pruning twice a year. Large trees with mature branches may only need to have their canopy shaped and their long, sturdy limbs maintained. You can ask a qualified arborist if your tree needs to be pruned.

The process of pruning a tree will vary depending on its species, the conditions, the location, and the hazards surrounding it. Our team can efficiently and quickly prune small trees or hedges with the help of essential tools such secateurs, handsaws and hedge trimmers.

This is a more complicated process for large trees. A team of three- or four people will usually be required to ensure there is a climbing crew, a ground crew, and a backup climber for any emergency.


Our Process

  • One of our climbers checks the condition of a Eucalyptus Tree .
  • The safety rope of the climber can be seen at bottom of tree trunk. A helmet is worn by the climber for safety. Climbing spikes are not allowed as this could cause damage to the tree.
  • The climber has a support crew at the ground. His crew helps him dispose of any debris he drops.
  • The climber also has a saw for climbing and a saw for cutting branches. These can be dangerous to the tree’s health or pose a danger to pedestrians.
  • This tree is large enough that it can take longer to prune than to remove. To do this, the climber needs time to evaluate the tree and determine which sections need to be removed. A Gumtree’s large tree may require a full pruning service. This can be done by a climber who will spend hours carefully working each branch.

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