Stump Grinding

What is stump-grinding?

We quickly remove tree stumps safely and with minimum impact on the surrounding environment. Do not let a problematic stump remain in your yard. One of the most in-demand tree services we offer isGrinding stumpsIt can help you to restore the space occupied tree stumps.

We can grind down the wood, kill the root system, and make room for new life. This leaves you with the space to plant seeds, renovate or expand your yard. The benefits of stump removal include a healthier environment, reduced risk of infestations, and safer walkways.


Why Should You Stump Grinding?

Any arborist would tell you that stump grinding can be an essential part to tree removal. Stumps remain connected with the tree’s root system. This can allow them to live long after the tree’s been taken down. The roots of the tree are so closely connected that it takes a lot more than the stump’s circumference to remove the stump. This is why a crane is often needed to lift the stump. This can be costly and dangerous to your garden. Stump grinder is far more affordable and will be better for your gardens.


Our Process

Stump Grinding - Featured Project Southern Tasmania

Our team recently finished a job. We cut dead Banksia Trees into pieces and removed them from the location. To finish it, the stump grinder came in.

The tracks allow the machine to adapt to different terrain. It is capable of traversing both grassy slopes or flat ground.
It only requires one qualified operator to operate the machine. It quickly worked through the stumps, reducing them to wood chips in 45 minutes. This stump grinding and cleanup included all the necessary equipment. It cost around $365

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