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Tree Canopy Lifting

Tree canopy lifting improves the health of your trees, lets more sunlight into your property, enhances your view, and looks great. So what are waiting? It’s easier than ever to get quick and affordable tree care. Our experienced arborists can help you get the most from your trees, lift your canopies, as well as ensure your trees are healthy and safe.

You don’t need to have your tree canopy lifted for a while if you’re not sure or don’t know how, contact our customer service team. We can help! All our services come with free quotes so that you are not bound by any agreements. Just fill out the quote request form online or give us a phone call, and one our arborists’ will be in touch as soon possible.

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Professional Lifting

You can call it many things when you prune and remove the lower branches of a tree. Crown raising, crown reduction, canopy lift – whatever the name, this is a vital tree maintenance technique that will improve your tree’s health, stability, aesthetic appeal, and overall health. A professional lopper will trim the branches at base of the tree and raise the canopy to allow more space between the ground and lower branches.

This service is beneficial to both the tree’s health and that of your property. The tree can be cleared more easily, allowing for more light to penetrate the tree, allowing for access to the grass, plants, and garden below. This increases the beauty and growth of your garden. It also helps to increase the amount of light that your property receives. This is just the beginning. Reduce the height of the lower branches to decrease the amount of debris on your property. Encourage healthy vertical growth.


Canopy Services - Safe, Fast & Friendly

Every tree is different, so an arborist (also called a tree surgeon) must be able to identify and guide you in the right direction. Finding an arborist who is qualified has never been simpler or cheaper. Filling out the online request form for a quote on our website will get you a free quote. They will arrive on time and in uniform with all the required equipment. This allows you to concentrate on the most important things and enjoy your happy, healthy trees. Every job is covered by our $10 million insurance policy, which is the industry’s best. This will allow you to sleep easy and not worry about financial risks. These services are fast, friendly, and safe. So, what are you waiting?


Canopy Lifting Close to You

What sets us apart from other tree service companies is the way we combine our national resources alongside local professionals. This allows us to be close to a tree surgeon in case of emergency. The tree surgeons have the local expertise and knowledge to make sure you get the best results. We ensure you receive the best work and customer experience by combining our national network’s best equipment with local experts.

We are proud to share the reasons our customers keep coming back. Give us a call, or complete the form on our site. Professional arborists will be available when you need them.


FAQs Regarding Tree Canopy Lifting

Also called crown lifting, raising your canopy is the act of removing the bottom part of the branches from your tree.

Tree canopy lifting is a great option. It allows more light to your property, allows pedestrians and traffic clearance, reduces tree-weight, balances tree-weight distribution, improves aesthetic appeal, as well as improving your views.

The crown can be lifted by pruning and cutting back branches and foliage at its base and lower portion.

The ideal height of a tree canopies depends on their species, size, condition, and context. An arborist professional can help determine the canopy height that is most beneficial for the tree.

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