Stump Removal

What is Stump Removing?

We quickly remove tree stumps safely and with minimum impact on the surrounding environment. Do not let a problematic stump remain in your yard. One of the most in-demand tree services we offer isGrinding stumpsIt can help you to restore the space occupied tree stumps.

We can grind down the wood, kill the root system, and make room for new life. This leaves you with the space to plant seeds, renovate or expand your yard. The benefits of stump removal include a healthier environment, reduced risk of infestations, and safer walkways.



It can be difficult to remove a tree without a stump. Many tree services won’t bother grinding the stump. Instead, they will take down the tree and leave the stump in the ground. Residents and property managers can experience headaches from allowing stumps to rot.

Many stumps will not die if they are left to rot. It is because of their extensive root systems which continue to supply them nutrients through soil. Instead, the roots take water and other resources away from other plants to keep your stump alive. The roots pull in nutrients and become a hotbed to pests, fungus or disease.

The stumps are also able to cause problems underneath the surface. The roots grow and look for nutrients. As they push up, they can cause cracks and damage to pavement and walls. You can avoid root-related problems by removing a stump.


A stump-grinding serviceIt gives you back the control of your backyard. The obstructive root system which had become a home to rodents is gone. You are free to make the most of your space. Your home will look better and your plants will be grateful for the extra moisture in the soil.

Once we have finished the tree stump extraction service (We are your local ” Tree Stump removal near moi” company), wood chips can be used in mulch for your garden, helping to retain water & nutrients. After the stump grind is complete, the best benefit to your property will be more space. This extra space is yours to use to renovate your house, grow new saplings, or to simply enjoy the property.


Instead of digging bar and using potentially hazardous chemical tree stump removal techniques, we extract the stump and then kill the tree roots using powerful machines known as stump grinders. We remove trees using this powerful equipment to grind the stump to a level of its tungsten teeth. This will reduce the stump into wood chips that can then be used in organic mulching for gardens.


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